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Título : Comprehension improvement through reading strategies
Autor : Ávila Daza, Nelly Patricia
Vélez Casas, Alba Lucia
Director : Ayala Zárate, Jair
Fecha de publicación : 18-nov-2016
Editorial : Universidad de La Sabana
Resumen : This small-scale qualitative action research study analyzed the impact of using scaffolding with different reading strategies (making inferences, predicting, activating previous knowledge, making connections, highlight and visualizing) to assist participants in reading comprehension using readings from Key English Test. The study was conducted with A1 English level ninth graders according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) at two public schools in Bogotá, Colombia. Participants revealed difficulties with reading comprehension in English due to lack of vocabulary and reading skills. Data was collected through KET, surveys, students' and teachers' journals and was analyzed through the grounded theory method (Corbin & Strauss, 2008). The KET besides being an instrument in the investigation, served to provide material which guided the proposed lesson plans for this study supporting the application of the reading strategies taught because they provided an opportunity to use the scaffolding approach. Research results revealed that reading strategies taught through a scaffolding approach and familiarity with the structure of KET had a positive influence on the learners' reading comprehension skills. Specifically, they helped build students own path to read, understand a text main idea, locate specific information and overcome the lack of vocabulary. This study advances foreign language reading research by extending the understanding of how learners can develop reading comprehension skills and deal with lack of vocabulary while reading in a foreign language. It also offers meaningful lessons for teachers of first and second languages.
Descripción : 103 p.
URI : https://repositoriosed.educacionbogota.edu.co/handle/001/2552
Director : Ayala Zárate, Jair
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